artist statement 

the images created are to be seen as their true life size form of 3feet by 4feet. Black chooses to print her portraiture large as posisble to create daring and in your face striking pieces. 


“To see is to believe. To make someone stop and stare at an image is something I strive to do. From my childhood into adulthood, I felt I rarely saw myself represented. A clear vision of those like you can inspire and open doors that you never knew existed. To envision what can be allows you to see yourself in another light and explore new possibilities. I believe I have always strived to be better; my gift and my curse. I am never comfortable with being comfortable. I thrive when I push myself beyond my previously set idea of possibilities. Being uncomfortable forces me grow.

I hope this collection plants a seed in your mind. How could we change the way people think by exposing them to images created through different eyes?  I dedicate this collection to all the little girls with vision. Never stop imagining what could be.

Black is currently based in Indiana and has been creating portrait photography for 8 years.

Charlee Black  2020 — Midwest USA